Введение в персоналитет


For the movement in the understanding of possible future, fundamentally different from the present, we organized in 2011 an initiative open international project – Foundation for Future, the FFF.
The basis of our approach to work with the future is to shift the emphasis from the habitual and
accepted - with the most probable (trends) - to something else that potentially can become meaningful - to the fundamentally possible.
The mission of the project is to support the multiplicity or diversity of the global world of the worlds through the ability to single out the Other and to transform it into new worlds. The goal is to create
a layer of people thinking about the future.

To implement this mission, we launched the Personalities project - "Personal University ". Personal in orientation to the promotion of all participants - and those,
who only enters it, and those who organize it.
In the conditions of rapid social changes and avalanche-like growth of information, the acquisition of knowledge and even competences becomes the main thing for existing people and groups, but the mastering of their own experience and understanding of the ways of using it, and through this, the appropriation of other experience within their own self-movement.
The basis of collection was interviews, which involved listeners of the first set of Personalities. We are very grateful to each of them for the fact that together we were able to develop a discussion, which certainly promoted the understanding of all participants. Naturally, including us.

Usually (in our circle we write this word as "co-conversation", to emphasize the importance of making a meaningful conversation together) this is the common work of the interlocutors.
We co-talk to put together and advance the understanding of the subject under discussion. And the movement in the understanding can move quite bizarre ways.
Co-conversation is a movement in the semantic labyrinths, where everyone makes his own route. We do not seek to build a common understanding - let everyone understand something of their own, find ways to solve their problems. We do not need unity. We need a variety of understanding. Due to this we are interesting to each other.

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