Projects and initiatives


Projects. FFF.

Currently FFF is developing 3 basic projects:

“Charter of Future”


“Institute of Humanity”

Charter of Future (in partnership with the the social movement “Ukraine is me” and the voluntary organization “Patriot”).

The aim of the project is to change principles and mechanisms of public management in the Ukraine. It has exhausted its potential of post-soviet development and needs a spurt to enter the global world.

The project offers a brand new model of public management for Ukraine to minimize corruption and enhance the efficiency of the common property management

The project intends to:

  • Build up social movement “For Ukraine’s Reformation” (link to the public events materials)
  • Develop an education research complex to form a new generation and Ukraine’s new elite
  • Create a “screen” - an infrastructurе mechanism to display and analyze complete and verified data regarding the Ukraine’s ongoing situation and its global perspectives, as well as detailed working through the aspectual components of reformation of the state.

The following aspectual groups have been created:

  • Governance Mechanisms of Transformation Group;
  • Economic Modelling Group;
  • Security Group;
  • Healthcare Group;
  • Education Group.

In total, near 1000 people have participated in the groups’ activities and Charter of the Future events.


The project was started in 2016 and has been implemented in partnership with the most authoritative and influential intellectual groups and organizations:

The project aims at creation of a communication platform to discuss philosophy, concepts and projects of the Ukraine’s future. It has been organized as an exposition of the Ukraine’s future visions, a discussion board and a platform to coordinate united actions.

Humanity Institute

The project was started in 2017.

The research group entitled “Humanity Institute” conducts a study of philosophical basics and develops means of transition towards Humanity as one whole. The Institute was founded by T. Bebeshko, S. Datsyuk, V. Nikitin and Y. Chudnovskyi.

The project’s goal is to develop a high-potential model to organize Humanity. Current international system of institutes not only proved to be incapable of meeting the existing challenges, but also failed at uniting Humanity to build a common Future.

The project was started as a response to a contest for a new architecture of Humanity, initiated by Global Challenges Foundation, Sweden (link to the foundation website). Its members are FFF’s leading experts, namely Volodymyr Nikitin, Yuri Chudnovskyi and Taras Bebeshko.

Currently the project is on the organizational stage, where  the scope of work is being defined, engineering-research teams in various fields are being formed (ecology, resources of the future, philosophy and the language of Humanity), relations with similar projects are being established, and the Institute’s resources base is being formed.

Previous Projects

"Innovative Doctrine for Ukraine" 2008-2010 (in partnership with State Agency for Innovation).

The project consisted of participation in the organization and holding an international conference on innovations in 2008 . Based on the results of the conference, a collection of materials was prepared and published. On the basis of these materials The FFF prepared and published the concept of innovative development of Ukraine.

"Strategy for the development of Donbass" 2010 (in partnership with Administration of Donetsk region).

The project consisted of the organization and implementation of Strategic Session on the Development of Donbass. At the end of the session, the Concept for the Development of Donbass was prepared. More than 200 people took part in the session.

"Virtual City", City of "Lavra" 2015-2016 (in partnership with charitable foundation "Lavra").

The project consisted of a series of public discussions of the future for State Reserve "Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra”, organization and presentation of development concept for the reserve as a world center of Eastern Christian art.

Conducting a series of futurological conferences "FOR- ..." 2012-2015.

"For the economics" 2011. Kyiv, "For the book" 2012. Kyiv. "Out of town". 2013. Sevastopol. "For Science" 2014 Kyiv. "Games for the future" 2014, Koktebel, "Games for humanity" .2015. Stambul. Materials from the conferences are published in the collections "For Self-organization in a rapidly changing world" 2013, "Thinking Society" 2015, "Playing Humanity" 2017.

"The concept of the new educational format Personalities" 2012-2014.

The concept of education for adults, solving the problems of fundamental changes in intellectual organization has been developed. A short training program of "Personalities" has been developed and implemented. Materials of the project are published in the books. "Personalities" 2011 and "Introduction to the Personalities" 2012.

"National report on the state and perspectives of architectural and urban sphere, including the Concept of regulatory and legal regulation of the sphere" 2016-2017 (in partnership with National Union of Architects of Ukraine and Ministry of Regional Development).

The project is focused on attracting public attention to the acute problems of architecture and urbanism. The materials prepared as a result of three conferences and 20 expert sessions will be presented for broad discussions with the authorities and civil society. Of particular interest there is the methodology and proposals for the country's governance system for a drastic change in the regulatory framework for the sphere. The presentation of Report and Concept is scheduled on November 2017.

"Public Strategy for Kyiv" 2015- ... (in partnership with 25 public organizations and initiatives).

The project is aimed at developing a mechanism for population’s participation in developing the basis for dealing with strategic documents. As a result of discussions Kyiv strategic community was created. The community, which held more than 20 expert meetings and sessions, prepared the "Concept of Public Strategy Kyiv City". The concept was presented at a large public session on the premises of city administration. In November 2017, it is planned to hold the first Strategic Forum for the Development of Kyiv.