About project


“Foundation for Future” project was opened in 2010. The founders of the project were Volodymyr Nikitin and Yurii Chudnovskyi. Later, the founders of the project included Serhii Chekalskyi, Kostyantin Parshyn, which started a new stage of the project development and provided opportunities for a consolidated dialog between the representatives of the government, businesses and the society. Other cofounders are Iryna Sulikovska and Viacheslav Boguslabskyi. The project coordinator is Oleh Pronin. In total, about a thousand people have participated in the events and works of the FFF since its inception.

The project is focused on promotion of methodology and working practice with the future.

The aim of the project is to consolidate and unlock Ukraine’s intellectual potential to resolve transformational issues in various fields.

The project includes several formats - seminars, public lectures and presentations, international conferences, our own and partner projects based on  the developed methodology. Within the framework of the project, more than 300 seminars and  5 international conferences were held, 10 collections and monographs were published on the materials of discussions and developments of the FFF.

The FFF was intended and implemented as a platform for partnerships in the projects of the future between the public authorities, the civil society and businesses.

The FFF was an initiator (or co-initiator) of the whole projects cluster. The most notable projects of the FFF were (the annotations of the projects are listed in  "Projects" section): "Innovative Doctrine for Ukraine" (in partnership with State Agency for Innovations), "Virtual City" , The City of Lavra (in partnership with Lavra charitable foundation), the National Report on the Statuses and Perspectives of Architectural and Urban Sphere, which includes the Concept of Regulatory Legal Regulation of the Sphere (in partnership with National Union of Artists of Ukraine, and Ministry of Regional Development), the Charter of Future (in partnership with" Ukraine is me"  public movement and the volunteer organization "Patriot", "The Public Strategy for Kyiv" (in partnership with 25 public organizations and initiatives) and Concordia ( in partnership with the most authoritative and influential intellectual groups and organizations.) The status of projects varies from project stage to its implementation.

The founders of the project took part in the international competition of Global Problems Foundation (Sweden) on the new architecture of Mankind. Currently, the FFF is developing a new promising project "The Institute of Humanity".

The Board of Trustees of the organization is still on the stage of formation.